YPR Connect (Young People In Recovery)

Building Bridges to Recovery for the Youth

At The Optimistic Website Company, we feel deeply connected to projects that empower young lives. YPR Connect, an initiative of Young People In Recovery, is one such organization that matches perfectly with our ethos. The organization works toward a world where all young people can thrive in recovery from addiction through resources, life skills, and peer supports.

A Digital Social Platform

We rejuvenated YPR's existing website, transforming it into a digital social platform optimized for volunteer management. Today, this website serves as YPR's team page, an internal intranet exemplifying excellent implementation. Check it out at team.youngpeopleinrecovery.org.

Project information

YPR Connect (Young People In Recovery)

For-Profit Website

Project Statistics

  • 12+ Fully Customized Pages: Designed to be an invaluable resource for those seeking recovery and peer support.
  • 12+ API Integrations: Integrated with Salesforce to seamlessly capture form data and coordinate with their CRM.
  • 11+ Custom Images: Each image was carefully chosen to resonate with the goals and values of YPR.

Site Preview: 

Core Services:

  • Media Management: YPR keeps its community updated with frequent content. Our platform allows for easy management of these digital assets.
  • Google Analytics & Measurement: Through our Google Analytics integration, YPR can track real-time data to measure site interactions and performance.
  • Custom Design: Every design element on the site is unique, reinforcing YPR's individuality.
  • Sales-Driven Architecture: With a focus on lead generation, the website is engineered with strategically placed conversion forms.

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