Fit For Life

Promoting Health, One Click at a Time

While Fit For Life may be a conceptual project, it demonstrates The Optimistic Website Company's ability to create a digital experience that's as impactful as it is beautiful. The theoretical mission of Fit For Life—to provide effective national behavioral health treatment to all, including those who can't afford it—serves as a robust framework for this portfolio piece.

Bridging Profit and Purpose

Our approach was carefully tailored to this non-profit, prioritizing lead generation for its for-profit arm. We achieved this by implementing advanced CRM software integrations, thereby capturing and managing leads more effectively.

Project information

Fit For Life

Non-Profit Website

Project Statistics

  • 24+ Fully Customized Pages: These pages are meticulously crafted to cater to the multifaceted needs of an organization that serves a broad audience.
  • 2+ API Integrations: A harmonious connection to sales software and specific integration with Salesforce ensures that no lead slips through the cracks.
  • 15+ Custom Images: These were chosen and designed to align with the Fit For Life's theoretical mission and vision.

Site Preview: 

Core Services:

  • Media Management: While hypothetical, the concept here was to have frequent updates and manage multiple digital assets on a regular basis.
  • Google Analytics & Measurement: Virtual or not, the importance of data can't be overstated. This was set up for monitoring visitor data and website performance.
  • Custom Design: The visual elements are distinct and unparalleled, adding to the uniqueness of this portfolio project.
  • Sales-Driven Architecture: Purpose-built to convert, the site features strategically placed content and conversion forms aimed at optimal customer acquisition.

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