Danielle’s Scratch Kitchen

Savor the Experience, Online and Onsite

At The Optimistic Website Company, we love bringing to life projects that blend elegance with functionality. Danielle's Scratch Kitchen is no exception. Located in the picturesque Village at Castle Pines, this gem of a restaurant offers an incredible dining experience—and now, an equally remarkable online presence.

A Culinary Portal

The goal for this brand-new website was twofold: showcase the restaurant's meticulously crafted menu and facilitate easy online ordering. Both of these objectives were met with finesse, making this one of our company's best-performing and most beloved projects.

Project information

Danielle’s Scratch Kitchen

For-Profit Website

Project Statistics

  • 4+ Fully Customized Pages: Tailored to elegantly present everything from the menu to the wine list.
  • 1+ API Integrations: A seamless link-up with sales software allows for an effortless online ordering experience.
  • 3+ Custom Images: Hand-selected to complement the restaurant's chic ambiance and mouthwatering dishes.

Site Preview: 

Core Services:

  • Media Management: With regular content updates, Danielle's Scratch Kitchen keeps its digital face as fresh as its ingredients.
  • Google Analytics & Measurement: Our setup allows the restaurant to keep a finger on the pulse of visitor interactions, essential for continually optimizing the user experience.
  • Custom Design: Like a fine wine paired with a gourmet meal, our unique design complements the restaurant's unique identity.
  • Sales-Driven Architecture: Strategically placed conversion forms guide the visitor effortlessly from initial interest to final purchase.

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