Students Recover

Empowering Equity and Inclusion in Student Recovery

We take immense pride at Optimistic Website Company in our collaboration with Students Recover. As an emerging non-profit, Students Recover makes strides in creating a restorative space for students seeking recovery in post-secondary educational settings. Their commitment to equity, justice, and radical inclusivity sets them apart, extending a supportive hand to students from every walk of life—be it race, gender, ability, or immigration status. 

Enhancing Outreach and Support with Customized Web Services

Our tailor-made digital platform serves as the nerve center for Students Recover, allowing them to better serve their diverse community. Built on the versatile Divi builder, the website is a hub of essential resources, forums, and academic materials designed to foster a sense of belonging and aid in recovery. With features aimed at both ease of use and SEO optimization, we’ve made sure that this indispensable resource reaches the students who need it most.

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Students Recover


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Our Work with Students Recover: A Platform for Inclusive Recovery

Main Site ( Created in 2022, this cutting-edge platform serves as the bedrock for the organization’s activities. Built using custom Divi builder, it is a treasure trove of resources, community forums, and educational materials.

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