New Life Church

Celebrating Faith and Community in the Florida Keys

For over half a century, New Life Church has been a cornerstone of spirituality and community in the Florida Keys. Helmed by Pastor John and his wife Maya, this multi-generational and multi-cultural congregation thrives on a shared love for Christ and the surrounding waters. The church's mission is to create a nurturing haven for families, guide the youth, and offer help to those in need, following the teachings of Christ.

We are proud to have played a part in enhancing this vibrant community’s online presence. Our collaboration with New Life Church resulted in a colorful and dynamic website that captures the church's essence. Built on WordPress and the Elementor visual builder, the site is as welcoming and spirited as the congregation itself. It also includes all the branding elements that articulate the church's identity and mission.

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New Life Church

Non-Profit Website

Digital Transcendence for a Spiritual Journey

Our partnership with New Life Church transcends the usual scope of web development, as we also led all their branding efforts. The website is visually stunning, incorporating vibrant colors that resonate with the church's uplifting atmosphere. We've categorized the website to easily guide visitors to sections dedicated to the children's ministry, youth ministry, community outreach, and family ministries, allowing everyone to find a place in this community of faith. It's a digital home where the mission, vision, and the loving nature of New Life Church can be fully experienced online.

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