Beautiful Magazine

A Platform for Women to Share Faith and Empowerment

Beautiful Magazine is a unique publication that shines a spotlight on redemptive stories and faith-based insights, exclusively penned by women for women. Its core philosophy is to inspire women by showcasing how God's beauty and grace are interwoven into their lives, irrespective of their current circumstances. As a beacon of empowerment, the magazine offers an array of articles that echo the uplifting narrative that God is perpetually at work, bringing beauty and redemption into their lives. 

Our role in this inspiring venture was to bring Beautiful Magazine's vision into the digital realm. Not many know that we house a graphic design department, responsible for the annual physical magazine. We crafted a website that serves as a robust platform for content creation and frequent updates. Showcasing articles that are just as visually engaging as they are spiritually enriching, this digital space serves as an extension of the Beautiful Magazine community where both long-time readers and new visitors can experience the transformative power of shared stories.

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Beautiful Magazine

Non-Profit Website

Transformative Content Meets Stellar Design

Beautiful Magazine's website is more than just a digital archive; it's a dynamic space designed to continually engage its audience. Updated regularly with new content, this platform is built to showcase articles that empower, uplift, and inspire. Just as in their annual print magazine—which is designed by our talented graphic design department—the digital platform maintains a high level of aesthetic and editorial integrity. It's a digital haven where women can discover and share the beauty of God's grace, mirrored through each narrative.

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