Popular Website Builders in 2022


Pros of Popular Website Builders

Are you on a tight budget? Get in line! Finding a low-cost website option is crucial for someone starting out that can’t afford a custom-built website.

First, we want to talk about the popular website builders Wix and Squarespace. Both of these sites range from free to around $26/month. Conveniently, with these sites, you can pay additional prices to get extras. Perks like a domain, e-commerce support, and custom email account are all available.

Wix & Squarespace are great for small business and personal websites. Our top choice is a Squarespace website for only $25/Month. You get everything you need with a little more variety, though Wix’s top tier plan would be a great alternative. Squarespace also comes with a free month trial so you can test the platform. Below is a link to both plans.

Squarespace – https://www.squarespace.com/templates
Wix – https://www.wix.com

Tip: Check out your favorite YouTuber, video creator, or podcaster. Chances are they have a link to Squarespace for a better trial offer or paid subscription.

Cons of Popular Website Builders

We pride ourselves on being experts in the consumer website industry. While website builders are a great way to start, after time and success you will hit major limitations. Things like expanding locations if you are a restaurant, new products if you are a store, or more features if you have a personal brand. If you stay with the free plans you will have to add features, which will equate to raising your monthly price. For Wix’s free website plans, you don’t get a custom domain, instead, you get yourwebsite.wix.com/yourwebsite. Custom domains are very important for branding and help ensure trust in your brand. Lastly are the site’s templates. Later on in the guide, we talk about professional graphics, and this plays a big part too. Website builders have millions of subscribers and users. That means that millions of users have websites. These websites share the same templates. Your website will look very similar depending on what site you go with. Our team sees this every day when browsing the internet. The best brands stick out. 

Take this information given above and make a strategic decision. In our experience, website builders are not bad at all! They are the best budget alternative options to a template or custom built-boutique website.

MORE Practical Action

Getting a website up with both of these sites is quite easy. Google Wix or Squarespace, sign up with your email, and create an account. Once verified, you can get started by picking your template and getting your content online.