Do I need a website in 2023?

Squarespace, wix, the wordpress thing; web agency, digital marketing agency, marketing group, marketing collectives, Or maybe I will just stay on social media. These are the common thought you will have when asking the question, how do I build a website? Where do you I start?

My name is Aaron and I own a web agency. I decided that I wanted to give back and tell all of my secrets. And not the common secrets where you can google and find the answer – rather the secrets that will help you actually achieve your goals. By the end of this video, you should have the tools not to hire anyone and do it yourself. 

Today’s technology era is based around the phone; your phone. You consume your favorite shows (B-Office), interact with your family and friends and waste all your money on shopping for products (at least i do). 

If you have a product or service company, when it comes to marketing, social media takes the forefront. But over time you eventually have to venture to a website.  The website is the backbone of the internet and it is where you add your personal brand, feel and look. This is the new storefront. When you go into the store at a mall or outdoor retail space, you notice the lighting, the colors, the displays, and the brand. The website is the new digital storefront. It is the first impression that a potential customer has of your brand. It has to look good, function well, and feel professional. 

Ok Aaron that sounds good, we are on the same page. Most of you are still thinking about the question; Do I even need a website? How do I build one? Where do I start? 

Let’s quickly talk about the questions; Do you need a website?

Here is the data – An article from echjury.net says that Mobile commerce sales reached $3.56 trillion in last year and 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile devices.

This is a big deal. You can make an argument that amazon and other online retailers exist, but more and more companies are going direct to consumers and are using the websites as a store front to gain and attract customers. Yes, you need a website.

So let’s answer your question of How do I build a website and Where do I start. 

There are two ways to build a website. The first way is building it yourself. The second way is hiring someone to build it for you. 

Today it is very easy to build a website for yourself. I created a free guide that I will link in the description. This guide  breaks down all of the tools to get you started. It mentioned things like my favorite website builders, how to secure hosting and a domain, and the exact steps on how to build a website. You can get a website completed yourself at around $200 – $300. If you go with a website building company like square space or wix they can have special promotions, so check around with your favorite podcaster or youtuber for a code.  I can also do more videos on specific topics, let me know if you are interested in the comments. 

The second way is hiring someone to build it for you. As a website company owner, our marketing goal is to find customers that can afford our services. The reality is, is that It has to be worth it for us to do the job. What does that mean? That means if you have a bigger budget and little time to learn, this is the way to go. If you have a smaller budget, you might need to do it yourself. The reason is with an agency we are specialized in custom services. We want to build your site, host your site and update your site. But a lot of people watching this video don’t need this service. I  know that sounds crazy coming from a website company owner, but it is the truth. I have turned down many people because I didn’t have the heart to see them waste money on services they didn’t need.

If you are still set on hiring a website agency, Here are a few tips: 

  1. Google “Webdesign agencies” or “Website Companies” and check out the first few options. I love checking out the first few ads as well. These tend to be local companies and would be great options.
  2. Make sure to have a preset budget, and ask about price points often. Don’t waste time before you ask this question. 
  3. Make sure they have a visual feedback tool. It is important for you to give feedback and track everything so you don’t was time
  4. Ask for multiple designs before the site is developed. If you are paying an agency, you want your site to look completely unique. Some agencies provide multiple designs before they build the site. 
  5. Make sure they build for the phone first. The majority of your traffic will come from a mobile device.
  6. Lastly, Be familiar with their process and timeline. My agency takes 5-6 weeks to complete a full website. That is normal and I anticipate that time. 

I hope this video helps you answer the question of how do I build a website. Building a website can be very challenging but with the right tool, you can save a lot of time and money. If this video helped you share it! Subscribe to the channel for more in-depth marketing and website videos.