Care Packages

How Does It Work?

First, we will send a contract via email for you to sign. Next, we send an invoice for billing. Once your payment is initiated, you will be sent credentials to our portal via email. All of your care package tasks are managed through the Optimistic Web Portal. 

The Portal

In the Optimistic Web portal, you can: Get help with your website, remove malware, view your website reports, submit a content service request, see the status of the request and manage your payment and billing. All you do is click the necessary button and fill out your information. 
Our portal is a quick and easy communication tool to assist your Care Package. 


We take your investment very seriously and have design packages for every website customer we can think of. All of our packages are designed for you never have to think about the maintenance of your website again. Your website is a living, breathing piece of software that lives on the web.
Let us help you take care of it! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if I lose my account login information?
Our team will be happy to assist you if you can’t log into the portal. Simply click the “Forgot my password” button or email support@optimisticweb.co.

Do all care packages get access to a portal.
Yes! Depending on your plan, you will see the corresponding options in your portal. All our portals are branded with your name and logo and customizable to your care package.

How many requests can I submit?
Your care page details are outlined in your invoice. Our care packages allocate specific hours per plan. Please make sure to check the details of the method that you choose.

I would love to purchase a care package; what do I do next?
Please reach out to us at support@optimisticweb.co or click here